How to get hotel discounts

February 7, 2017

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How to Get Hotel Discounts

When booking a hotel, there is nothing exciting than getting a big discount. It is one of the most effective ways to dramatically reduce the cost of your total accommodation. But are the discounts really hard to get? The answer is YES! Hotel discounts are not easily found anymore.


Luckily for you, I have done a little research and I am happy to report my own personal results on the best ways to get hotel discounts.


How to Get Hotel Discounts


There are several ways to get hotel discounts and all are very easy to search. These are all "tricks" that I tried, so I can promise they have worked for me.


Hotel Discount Sites


Hotel discount sites are special sites or pages, which offer special hotel discounts, last minute deals and limited-time hotel deals. There are usually great list of the best deals right now, and a search on Google will provide more options and deals.


The easiest way to find this hotel discount sites is to simply Google 'hotel discount website', hotel discounts' and let Google do its work.  


Hotel Comparison Websites


A hotel comparison website can be a very effective tool to get the hotel discount. In fact, it is a search engine that searches and compares room availability and prices from all major travel websites, all in one set. However you may be surprised to discover that everyone now has the same rates, so I would not rely on public engines to get a hotel discount.


Search results.


There are many good comparison websites, but we use Hotels Etc. for reviewing the best hotel deals websites available.


Get Deals


You should check the additional savings you get based on your age or position in life. In many cases you can get offers for students and seniors. Make sure you ask what the limitations are and ensure to follow the rules when trying to get hotel deals.


Frequent Customer Discounts


Many hotels have great discounts to returning customers. Once you become familiar with a particular chain and what they offer, you can make the booking right away. As loyal customers usually comes with perks. Room upgrades or longer stays are two common ways to reward loyal customers. If they have a restaurant or gift shop you could also receive discounts for purchases.



One of the best ways to get hotel discounts is to find a tour that could go for the same destination. If you book, you'll be able to achieve significant hotel discounts online. This comes with the disadvantage of meeting their schedule of when to travel and usually more needs to be reserved.


Package Deals

If you are traveling to a destination where you have airline tickets or rental car at your hotel, you can get a pretty number of attractions in one area, discounts when purchasing a package deal. These packages can come with some restrictions, so you need to pay attention to that, but you should be able to get a good deal on your hotel room.


Bids at the Hotel

The real-estate agent wants to get as much for a room as they can, but they are willing to reduce the cost for a room. You can make an offer and the broker can accept or reject your offer. A successful bid would reduce by 50% or more of the price of the hotel, but you should know what you need in bidding for a hotel room. This is one of the old school ways of getting a discount but I would not count on this method anymore.


Call the Hotel

Many times, if you call the hotel directly and ask for a discount, the answer would be yes. The price that you find when you search online is not always the lowest rate that the hotel has. Do not be afraid to ask for a lower rate, the worst the manager can do is say no. This option may be a thing of the past because I just called the hotel and they instructed me to go online because they cannot give a discount anymore.


Hotel Alternatives

Most people think holiday accommodation is always a hotel but if staying in the hotel is not your first choice then, there are many other options for those who are looking for something different. Some of these options can save money or time or both, some are more adventurous and some are just more practical.


Loyalty programs

One of the most successful ways is to join a membership club, loyalty program or travel club. Closed user groups seem to be the way to go in today’s market place in order to secure a true discount. Check out to look for the biggest discount. You can also watch some amazing comparison videos at

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