Travel Tips to help you save money on your next trip

February 10, 2015

Membership Discount Club

If you are like most families you're probably getting ready to make your spring break and summer break travel plans. You are most likely scouring the internet for the location and property that you want to visit in order to find the best travel discounts.How many hours do you spend trying to locate the best travel deal for you? Imagine being able to save that time with the suggestions below?

1.11.Use a website that allows you to search a lot of the top public sites at once to find the lowest rate. To do search multiple booking sites at once we recommend going to sites such as www.kayak.comThe site is very easy to use and will pull the results from a lot of the OTA’s on the market place (online travel agencies, expedia and etc)

2.?2.Join a membership club that can give you the lowest rates right off the back. Hotels Etc, is partnered with the lead suppliers and providers of travel inventory. They pass that inventory on to their customers without any booking fees, commissions or additional charges. As a member of Hotels Etc. you will not have access to public travel rates, you will have access to net rates or wholesale rates, it is a win-win situation saving members time and money.

The two options above will save you time searching for the best rates, however option number 2 will not only search the best rates online but will also give you the best discounts and cheapest hotel rates. The screen shot will show you an example of how our members save time and money on planning their next vacation.

Hotel discounts

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